Disaster and Emergency Response

As a cornerstone contractor for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and all agencies of the Department of Defense, AWD provides expedient services and solutions for every level of an Emergency/disaster.

For starters in the Preparedness stage, AWD has partnered with overstock suppliers and manufacturers nationwide so that we have direct access to bulk supplies of food, water, shelter, hygiene kits, and other basic survival needs.

As well, and as one of our core competencies, is transportation and logistics. We have an abundant source of transportation assets to ensure expeditious delivery of critical supplies for pre/post emergencies and disaster situations.

Continuing, in the response and recovery stage of an Emergency/disaster, AWD and our team of responders can maintain a continual supply of life sustaining sustenance while also supplying many types of shelters (RV’s, mobile homes, prefab housing) and community needs such as mobile kitchen units, bathroom and shower units, laundry facilities, power generation, security, IT communications, and medical needs.

In the most austere, hostile, or varying degree level of an Emergency/disaster, AWD has the proven ability and proven success in emergency:


For more information on our Disaster and Emergency Response services, please contact us at info@goawd.com