All AWD, LLC. auctions are open to the general public.

Q: What are the starting bids?

A: For LIVE auctions, the starting bids are determined by the crowd. For ONLINE auctions, the bids start at $100.00.

Reserves: All vehicles and surplus do have reserves determined by the United States Marshals Service, District Attorney’s Office, or Sherriff’s Office and will not be disclosed to the general public. If a bid does not meet the reserve, the high bidder will be notified and the vehicle will be offered exclusively to him or her at that price. Bidder does have the right to approve or deny the offer made by the agency. If the reserve is not met the vehicle will be offered at a later date in an effort to achieve the reserve amount.

Registration: To bid you must register at every auction. There is no deposit required to enter or place a bid. Registration is conducted throughout the auction. If you only intend on spectating during a live auction, and do not wish to bid you still need to register. For LIVE auctions: to register you will need a photo I.D. The registered bidder is only allowed two companions (no one under the age of 15 is allowed in the auction area). Registration prior to the day of the preview is not offered, but will be available the day of the preview as well as the day of the auction. For ONLINE auctions: Upon registration, you may need to input your credit card information (not retained) but will only be used to verify your identity. Your credit card will be charged $1.00. Save your user name and password, you will use it for all future online auctions!

Bidding: Primarily, for LIVE auctions you must be present to place a bid. We do not provide live proxy bidders, and we do not accept phone bids. Any decision contrary to this is at the sole discretion of AWD, and bidders will be notified per our Terms and Conditions. All title work and government documents need to be signed by the new owner immediately following payment. Our live auctions are conducted separate from our online auctions.

Payment: There is no buyer’s premium on any vehicle sold on behalf of the United States Marshals Service. For LIVE auctions: Purchases must be paid in full via cash (U.S. Currency), or cashier’s check (payable to AWD, LLC.), within ONE HOUR of the close of the sale. For ONLINE auctions: You will have 48 hours (unless the auction closes on a Friday, the 48 hours limit begins Monday morning) to complete a wire transfer or cashier’s check made payable to AWD, LLC., 601 W. Ford Valley Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 37920 Attn: Jason Kidd via FedEx w/ tracking number sent to Jason.kidd@goawd.com. You may choose to do a wire transfer. The account info will be given via email. No credit/debit cards will be accepted. At the close of the sale, the high bid amounts will be forwarded to the USMS for approval. Once we receive approval to sell (usually within several hours) you will receive notification that your bid has been approved/ disapproved. At that time your 48 hour window for us to receive your payment starts. Auctioneer has final approval of acceptance. Vehicles & Surplus not paid for within 1 hour of a live sale & 48 hours after an online sale may be resold without notice. If a buyer does not pay, or backs out, or issues a “stop payment”, that buyer will be banned from all future AWD, LLC. auctions and his/ her information will be submitted to the Department of Justice. The Buyer agrees that any item successfully bid upon will be paid for by the Buyer immediately following the conclusion of the auction (or within 48 for online auctions) and before departing the auction premises by delivery of cash or a check drawn on an account containing sufficient immediately available funds. To the extent that the bidder is an individual acting on behalf of a corporation registered as the bidder, the individual bidder shall be jointly and severally liable with the corporation for payment of the purchase price. The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that no “stop payment” order shall be issued or honored. The Buyer further agrees that a stop payment order or a check returned marked “insufficient funds” shall be considered prima-facie evidence of intent on the part of the buyer to defraud the Auctioneer at the time of delivery of the check.

Taxes: We do not collect sales tax on vehicles sold. We do collect sales tax on surplus sold.

Removal of Vehicles/Surplus: For LIVE auctions: all vehicles/surplus must be removed from the auction area after payment and title work is processed. If arrangements are made with a car carrier service to pick up the items at a later date, those arrangements need to be discussed with an AWD, LLC. representative. Vehicles that are left after the day of the auction and no arrangements have been made for them to stay will be booked into storage and charged commercial storage rates. For ONLINE auctions: You will have two weeks after the closing of the auction to pick up your vehicle(s). If arrangements have not been made and the vehicle remains after the two week allowance a $25/day fee will be charged and must be collected by the onsite facility manager prior to release.

Q: Does AWD, LLC. provide transportation of vehicles from the auction site?


Q: What does “As-Is, Where Is” mean?

A: “As-Is, Where Is” means all vehicles and surplus are being sold with all faults, without warranty or guarantee either expressed or implied, as to the age year of manufacture, make, model, odometer, condition or any other specification. The descriptions of the vehicles and surplus are furnished as a guide only. No guarantee as to the accuracy of the description is made. Buyer will pay all cost for any and all repairs.

Q: What does a “Soft Close” mean?

A: This feature is utilized for all online auctions. A “soft close” means if any bid is placed within the last five minutes at the close of the auction, the bid will automatically extend the closing time an additional 5 min (example: if a bid is placed at 2 minutes until close, it will extend until 7 minutes). This feature protects bidders from being outbid without the opportunity to be notified and place another bid before the close of the auction. Please be aware that when placing your “Maximum bid”, the website will bid on your behalf up to your set maximum bid by the preset bid increment of $100. Example: The current bid is $1000 and the bidder enters a maximum bid of $500. The system will bid at the preset increment of $100 until the bidders “Maximum bid” is exceeded. At that point the bidder will be notified via email that he/she has been outbid (if that option is selected during registration).

Q: Can I buy a vehicle before the auction?

A: We do not sell any items in advance of the auction. All vehicles are forfeited via court order, and as a requirement that demands the vehicles be sold at a public auction. Every item is sold to the highest bidder on auction day.